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tv   The Five  FOX News  October 31, 2012 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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10:00 p.m. eastern. good night, happy halloween! >> eric: this is a fox news alert. president obama just wrapped up a press conference in new jersey, alongside new jersey governor chris christie, after surveying the storm damage. we'll get to that in a minute. but first, hurricane sandy will go down as one of the most expensive natural disasters ever to hit america. but loss goes deeper than dollars. goes deeper than money. loss can be emotional and memories. loss comes in many forms. listen to this new jersey woman. [ crying ] >> i'm sorry. i know. i'm sorry. >> i want everybody to get help. >> yeah, we're going to do that. >> reach out. we don't deserve this. [ crying ] our house. everything is gone.
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>> eric: a lot of pain out there. her story is one of many. but we have seen acts of heroism, neighbors helping neighbors. the american people always come through in times of crisis. we have want to take it around the table and talk about the stories, some experiences we have had in the last few days. you have one for us? >> bob: yeah. i was totally taken away with the new york city hospital, that has babies in various states -- premature or babies that are sick on respirators. the generator went down and backup generator went down. they had to be moved down. the number of ambulances of people showed up to move the children is remarkable. they got them to other hospitals. as far as i know, none of them suffered from it. but remarkable response. >> eric: other states actually sending first responders from pennsylvania, from upstate new york as well. couple other states sending them to the area for help. >> dana: you saw from the woman with chris christie
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earlier, shock and grief. there are seven stages of it. they are going to get help. then that can turn angry later on. what you see from the governors like governor mitch daniels of indiana, sent 22 of their ambulances to the area so they can get some help. governors usually cooperate very well amongst one another. in coordination effort that are really good. one thing i want to point out, this might be the first natural disaster in america that really played itself out in social media. mostly in good ways. there was a woman named emily rahimi, the head of the twitter feed for the new york fire department. people couldn't get through on 911 they would send a tweet to her and she was helping them, passing on information. some tried to put out bad information, not true information. but actually, i think that that was one of the great success stories, it will only get better from here in terms of using technology to help one another, get good
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information, to share stories and videos we can find out what happened. to help people who need it. if they don't have cell phone they might have internet. >> greg: you got pictures of the dog out. >> dana: i didn't send one. >> eric: you make a good point. this storm seemed to have been well notified. noa did a good job to let us know it was coming and social media kept us informed of where it was, when it was happening and people out of the way not taking chances. >> dana: i think so. >> eric: one of the first big uses of social media. >> dana: government can use it well. she deserves recognition. emily rahimi. >> eric: fantastic. do you have a personal story? something close to home. >> andrea: yes. upper west side of manhattan was okay. the pictures don't do this justice. i have power. the family in pennsylvania no, power. jersey shore where i have a spot, summer place has just been destroyed. you talk to people on the ground there, and they say you
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wouldn't believe this. these are pictures, actually, from a friend and police officers in margate, new jersey, real pictures in real-time. again, social media was place. we pulled a lot of these from facebook. this is where i get coffee. you can't go anywhere. they won't let you get on parts of the island. it's really, really scary the destruction. i just, my heart goes out to the people of new jersey. >> eric: as time goes, we're getting more and more of the pictures. for a long time, the islands weren't accessible. >> andrea: that is the main street where there is traffic and sidewalk traffic. flooded. the picture before that was a boat that had come off the bay and crashed in someone's home. it's pretty gruesome. >> eric: throw numbers out here. number, the property damage keeps going up and up. i think it will really skyrocket. as we find out how much damage are in the towns and the homes that are multimillion dollar homes.
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shut down 70% of the east coast refineries. business loss could be as much as $30 billion. property damage, $20 million. i think it will double. 18,000 flights shut down. retailers could lose $25 billion in sales this week alone. this storm really packing a huge financial impact as well. gregory? >> greg: i, the one thing i was amazed by is the lack of looting. aside from asolated cases there has been almost nothing reported. which says something. either we're good citizens or lousy looters. dan ab tried to loot a pet shop for gourmet kibble and was arrested immediately. amazing how it covered a wide area and so little crime. amazing how fast the city is getting back to work. our country withstands calamity that says a lot about the economic structure and the success and stability born from it.
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if this hit a utopian, social utopian like venezuela or cuba goodbye. capitalism makes catastrophe surmountable. san sky wouldn't have been kind to occupy wall streeters. >> eric: or california. >> dana: i am worried about people who are not able to get to their jobs an they say they make an hourly wage. they are not on a salary. might not be full-time employees. they're part-time. i'm sure employers are being as understanding as they can be, but the economic damage will be felt by those people. >> eric: i want to make a point. mayor bloomberg came out and put a three-passenger minimum in cars. remember, there are no trains coming in the area. no subways coming in the area. you have to take a bus or get in a car. people who can't afford to hire car service, they have to do something.
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now he is going keep the people who may be three or four making $5 plus tips, they can't come to work. >> greg: if you know a new yorker, new yorkers don't know anybody. how am i going to find three people? >> andrea: that's just now, greg. >> greg: i don't know three people in my building. >> bob: the thing about the subway system, there is 50 feet of water in some of the subway system and salt water, that it will car corrode. the mayor announced they'll open a little subway system for psychological purposes but they thought the subway would be down for three days foul. they talk about a month or two before it's done. >> greg: where will the perverts flash people? >> andrea: a girl works in the cafe at fox. she could not afford a town car, so she took the bus. took four hours to get to
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work. it took me $30 cab and an hour if you see the traffic we keep showing out here on sixth after because of the crane that is hanging over the city. the city is totally gridlocked. you have can't get anywhere. shame if you can't afford -- >> eric: move it quickly. throw up some pictures. you can't get on some of the islands. it spent three years billing a place there. my memory is there. my son grew up here. long beach island. if you have the picture of lbi, throw them. coming up now. this is absolute devastation. the southern part of the island is wiped out. >> bob: is that your house? >> eric: i don't know if my house is in any of the aerial pictures but i tell you when the bay on one side, on the right, we see the ocean on the left side of screen. just about everything in between are lost. i know it sounds -- >> dana: my summer home is central park. >> eric: but the memories, the memories. miff son had been growing up there since he was this big. stuff in there. it's scary. >> greg: when are you
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getting back there? >> eric: no one is allowed on the island. >> greg: you can't do anything about it? >> eric: no. >> andrea: you are 30 minutes north of long port, new jersey. the whole coast has been devastated. houses on the coast, they say, have been completely leveled. but brings up a good point. when we do the topics on government waste and how they waste all the money on robotic squirrels and all the other things now is the time to look at your priorities. and say this is what we really need government to do. this is why government is there. >> bob: that's why governor christie gave great compliments to obama. governor romney called for end of fema in the campaign, primary. >> dana: you know what? bob, that is really -- it's absolutely grossly unfair. president obama's budget last year, $900 million is what he suggested cutting. nobody in washington could look at the program and say that it couldn't be improved upon.
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that is what governor romney said. governor, who knows a little something about the state/federal relationship. knows what it means to work with the federal government hind the red tape, which is what president obama called for cutting is a problem. not a program that couldn't be improved on. >> bob: that' romney said shuttr fema. >> dana: that doesn't mean he wouldn't help people. that's grossly unfair. >> eric: we'll take a fema victory lap? >> bob: sure. >> eric: want to do that? >> bob: sure. >> dana: wait four days when they don't have power. >> eric: put your money where your mouthsy. told the story earlier, the house down there probably going to be wiped out, she said what about insurance? only way to get flood insurance along the coast is if you go to the federal program. private insurance companies won't sell it to you. i never did it, because i'm against people using the fed to insure their homes. that shouldn't be insured.
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if it can't be done privately, don't do it. likely de stating loss. >> dana: a lot of people don't buy flood insurance. some people don't buy insurance and they are surprised when they have flood damage the insurance company says, maybe a hurricane, it's wind and they can't get their money. >> eric: leave it there. coming up we will get to president obama press conference with governor chris christie. we're six days away from the presidential election. where does the race stand? we'll break the poll down, the stat and the strategy down when we come back. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> dana: welcome back to "the five." talking about the hurricane aftermath and today was unprecedented coop race from governor chris christie and michael bloomberg to president obama. he held a press conference with governor christie as bob mentioned could not have more good things to say about president obama and how the cooperation is working right now. any thoughts on that, bob?
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>> bob: i have been a critic of christie for a lot of things but he showed, his force job is to be governor of a state. he has a lot of work to do. your point is well taken after the first week, there will be animosity and anger. >> dana: some people, some people on the right grumbling right before the election governor christie seemed to give so much praise to president obama. one thing about governor christie, he does not have the gift of understatement. one of the things we love about him. he is enthusiastic about everything. he needs the federal government help for new jersey. >> eric: he looks tired. i understand where he is coming from. my governor, fantastic governor. i'm just not sure so much of this lovefest going on between them. i mean president obama, all he is doing, he is signing a check with our money. he's just handing over money that would come to christie in new jersey anyway. the photo op and hugging. >> bob: a lot of people down and out to see the president and the governor being there.
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>> andrea: he learned a very important lesson, the president did after the b.p. oil spill. remember it was almost 50 days that the president didn't respond. handoff approach and was criticized james carville being lack daze gal and chris matthew said he looked like vatican observer. he took heat from that. i think six days out from an election what do you expect the president to do? of course he looks presidential. do i think it will ultimately have an impact on the race? probably not. he was going to win new jersey anyway. it worked on a campaign. big natural disaster came in. the candidate was able to look in charge of the situation. >> dana: we'll come back to politics in a second and your point is about early voting which we'll get to. governor christie said halloween is canceled. >> greg: yet they are keeping the new york marathon. blows my mind. >> dana: you think they
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will? >> greg: yes, they will. a new phrase after hearing this stuff, i call it political looting. use a catastrophe for political aim you were unable to push before. a couple of examples, maureen dowd talking aboutie's relationship with obama. the hurricane is fault of the climate change deniers. al gore using other people misery to advance his own profile. >> dana: there are very few people who look at this and think they shouldn't cooperate. i don't think it changes their mind on how they feel about the obamacare, keystone pipeline not going through, stimulus bill, foreign policy, leaning from behind stuff. if you felt other ways about romney. get to the political roundup here. because andrea, kick it off with you on early voting. big topic. a lot of people might not realize in many states there is early voting.
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both parties try to lock it up. give us your take. >> andrea: take a look here. this is early voting and now. 52% over obama 46% according to gallup. look at the numbers in 2008. if we could pull that up. a big difference. barack obama had 53% to john mccain's 43%. what does it tell you? for weeks we have been hearing the media paint a storyline while obama is ahead in early voting. now we know that isn't true. particularly in states like ohio, florida, ohio -- >> dana: nevada. >> andrea: same thing, nevada. ohio fewer dems voted in ohio compared to 2008. 30,000 more republicans have voted. if obama had that lead with mccain and long at 2008, but only led by three points with likely voters romney leads the likely voters by five points.
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he won bison overall. if you look at the same panorama, it's all over. >> bob: in reality, you talk about the final vote in 2008 versus a week left to go to vote. people who vote early. you have to separate absenteeism from early voting. two separate things. people who vote early are senior citizens and they normally do. >> andrea: who leads with senior citizens? mitt romney leads. >> bob: right. >> andrea: independent and women. 3-point turnout advantage this time around swayed ten points to -- >> bob: you are taking something on election day when they did the count and doing seven things out. >> andrea: same exact date. 'canes is a political roundup, can we get to eric? >> eric: obama campaign, my opinion is in shambles. look what david axelrod had to do this morning. >> i will come on morning jo and shave off my mustache for 440 year if we lose any of the
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three states. with we lose michigan, minnesota, pennsylvania you shave it off? >> on the show? >> yes. >> eric: just to point out, those states narrowed dramatically. some were double digit leads for obama. now within 3 to 4% for obama. what states just come through. i beg you. >> dana: it's amazing thing to think somebody had a mustache for 40 years. that is a long time. his wife might not have met him. >> greg: you know what is thereunder? >> dana: i don't want to know. >> greg: tattoo. >> andrea: also had mustache for a long time. >> dana: joe trippi said he would shave his head for the same reason. >> bob: thigh are not losing those three states. if they do it's a landslide. you talk about the gallup number, today the cbs/"new york times" numbers came out. three swing states, obama leads by one. in ohio, he leads by five. in virginia, he leads by two. this momentum by romney is all
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concocted and the press fell for it. dais i didn't call on you but you -- >> dana: i didn't call on you but you went anyway so i'll take the last word. one poll that came out yesterday that was interest, the national public radio teamed up resurgent republic to talk about the independent voters. if we go back eight months ago on the program to say what will matter in the election, independent voters. democrats vote for democrats. republicans vote for republicans. we have a group. gallop said 40% of the people identify independents now. there is an 8-point swing for independents in favor of romney. it happened right after the first debate if denver. 51-39%. they will have more detail out of the npr public tomorrow. it can tell you this. guess what? tomorrow in his column, karl rove in the "wall street journal" column, he will make prediction on the election turn-out. >> bob: i'll be awake all night waiting for that. >> dana: a lot of peel might be. >> bob: they may. be surprised if it's anything but romney. >> dana: but he will give
11:23 pm
his numbers, the prediction. >> eric: did you go yet? >> greg: no. >> dana: you did. i thought you gave your phrase. >> greg: no. >> dana: please go. >> greg: forget it. >> dana: we have time. >> greg: i want to make a point, again, i want to go to the hurricane, the hurricane a lot of people on the left are using the hurricane to mock libertarian values. they believe somehow you cannot deal with this issue without big government. not just a straw man. it's wicker man. i can't put out four-alarm fire but i can make decisions about birth control and free speech. the debate is not about big government versus no government. it's bigger government versus smaller government. they should help the times of need. they should not help the government in times of need. it's always in need. >> bob: a number of politicians risen and fallen around the natural disasters is remarkable. they have impact on elections. >> greg: that is my point. >> dana: i am glad you showed up. coming up, prominent writer
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for the "washington post" now joining fox news and demanding answers about terrorist attack in benghazi. details ahead. ♪ ♪ hahahahahahaha
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well, don't ask, don't tell is back. not for gays in the military. it's president obama new policy for questions about libya. don't ask, don't tell. >> andrea: well, late night comics are cracking jokes but the continuing controversy over what really happened the night terrorists killed four americans in benghazi is not funny. the white house may be forced to address the situation in the coming days if what newt gingrich says turns out to be true. >> there is a rumor, i want to be clear -- it's a rumor -- that two networks have e-mails
11:29 pm
from the national security advisor's office telling a counterterrorist group to stand down. that a group in real-time trying to mobilize the marines and the c-130s and the fighter aircraft. they were told explicitly by the white house stand down and do nothing. this is not a terrorist action. if that's true, i've been told this by a reliable u.s. senator. if that is true and that comes out in the next day or two. i think it raises enormous questions about the president's role. >> andrea: now as gingrich said, this is a rumor. but, eric, if this were to surface, this piles on to what i still think looks really bad. think about this. leon panetta on friday said you don't deplay forces in to harm's way without knowing what is going on. the president of the united states said the minute he knew, he ordered everything possible. that could be true. if the president ordered personnel to be deployed did
11:30 pm
someone violate the chain of command and drop the ball there? could it be true? >> eric: put it this way. john mccain said it's either a massive coverup or obama is incapable of being commander-in-chief. if the e-mails or whatever these, are this information is true, then yes. not more importantly, but equally as important in my mind if there are two net woks sitting on this information and chose not to go with it, not to run with it, we have a corrupt media. we have called him out for being main stream and left-leaning. they will now be almost, i don't know, communist like in their corruption if that's true. >> bob: are you kidding me? you are sitting here taking a rumor there newt gingrich? >> eric: if it's true. >> bob: if it's true. if oz was true you probably go back to kansas. but the point is this is gingrich talking about a rumor. we never should have run this piece. we decided to run it, i guess. fact of the matter this is gingrich talking about a rumor. you think network should sit on the cable?
11:31 pm
>> andrea: fenner if griffin -- jennifer griffin's reporting said they told the c.i.a. officials to stand down. david ignacious came out and said the campaign, they need to put the facts out there. >> dana: a serious columnist and dade has excellent sources throughout the middle east. throughout the government. i thought one -- he said two important things, that they needed to answer some of the questions that had been raised by fox news. also, he said the u.s. officials needed better intelligence. that is the toughest problem to address, but the most important. that gets it back up out of he said, she said five days before the election. how come we didn't know? why did we say, blame it on a video for two weeks? those are two unanswered questions. the recordings might exist. it could be that if they do exist, the government asks them not to be revealed. ongoing investigation. perhaps media organizations are complying. >> bob: the national security advisor is not anyone to give orders in chain of command. they have nothing to do with
11:32 pm
that. the idea it came from the national security advisor's office is unsubstantive and unsubstantiated and flat wrong. >> andrea: what about that point on the media, greg? they haven't been engaged until now. they are starting to get engaged. who is at fault? media for not covering the story, administration for not reporting it or both? >> greg: the media is so far in obama's pockets they have bruises from his quarters. i agree with bob. we don't need the rumors. there are enough facts out there that are so bad i would wait on a rumor. it's not the fog of war to blame. fog of incompetence. i have come up with a new phrase. obama fog. that's when the always articulate captain perfect goes mute over stuff that really matters. >> andrea: dana, the bush administration dealt are the october surprises. and you handled messaging in the white house. has the president passed the point of coming clean on this? >> dana: they did way back then on september 13. the point of no return was the day susan rice, the ambassador
11:33 pm
went on the tv and said something demonstrably false. you haven't seen or heard from her sense. >> greg: how many story from the filmmaker over the champion of expression? >> bob: how many rumors is newt gingrich going to have? >> andrea: when we come back -- we'll see if it's a rumor. >> bob: we'll see. >> andrea: rich, white liberals is so anxious that romney could win they have trouble sleeping and can't exercise. greg has the ailments ailing the left as we approach election day. coming up next. ♪ ♪ [ cheeping ] [ male announcer ] you hear that?
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caused the storm. "special report" is at #:00. now back to "the five." ♪ ♪
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>> greg: the real devastation is too hard to comprehend. it speak for san francisco lives who suffer from the fear of obama loss. this is their sandy. yep, according to sfget a article, "frisco lives" are suffering so much they can't exercise in their home gyms. they suffer from panic attacks. sleepless for days. while east coasters face real danger, they tremble at a world without obama. whose fault is that? sandra fluke didn't work. big bird flounder. smearing romney failed. all they have left is fear. their own. this is what happens when you make politics personal to cut yourself off from the rest of the world. the folks only know hard line progressives so to them it's not an election. it's the war of the worlds. we're like aliens bent on eating their brains. light meal. which is why the obama campaign is courting the same votes over and over again. putting birth control before
11:40 pm
benghazi is trick-or-treating on skipped ror. continually hitting the same house after all the candy is gone. you preach to the choir without growing it. could there be a link? maybe obama should declare san francisco a disaster area, but i guess that is redundant. should we get red cross out there right now, eric? >> eric: while do that, i look over to bob. oh, such a good sport about some of this stuff sometimes. >> greg: i'm not talking about bob. bob knows as many conservatives as he knows liberals. >> eric: what is the difference between san francisco lib or new york lib or lib-lib? >> greg: all the same. >> andrea: bob has been so stressed because of the election he has started to go to the gym to blow off steam. >> eric: lost a lot of weight. >> andrea: looks great. glad he's going. >> greg: bob, you do hang out with a lot of conservativ conservatives. a lot of these people don't. they compartmentalize their lives so they think the other side is monsters.
11:41 pm
>> bob: picking on san francisco is a little extreme. that is a bubble within a bubble in a bubble. not like being here where you run across conservative, in my case, every day, every hour, every minute. but you know, i think it's, yeah, a lot of fear going out there. for good reason. this is going to be a close election. i still think obama will win. it will be close. these people are, i don't think they know what they will do without him. romney scares them. he does. he scares me. >> dana: article says they have romney derangement syndrome before he's elected. >> greg: exactly. >> dana: i wonder if we could ban a phrase. well, ban a thing. when liberals meet, they will say you know, i am a democrat. a life-long liberal. hate all conservatives. but you seem okay. they start every argument like that. every sentence, it doesn't have to be an argument. i hardly ever argue with them. >> greg: or do they say do yo stuff? i want to get on the ad, the new ad for obama. for celebrities backing planned parenthood.
11:42 pm
called yes, we plan. >> we've got to keep moving forward. >> we have to keep moving forward. >> we've got to keep moving forward. >> we have more work to do. >> yes. >> yes, we plan. >> i don't think your boss should decide what is best for your health and safety. i don't think your insurance company gets to decide what charities you get. i sure don't think any politician should decide. the only person who should decide about your healthcare, is you. >> you. >> you. >> greg: all right. andrea, here is the thing. some celebs like one person and some like the other. there is something so eerily, scarily lock step, these are people who were supposed to be edgy when they were growing up and wanted to be cool. they are zombies. >> andrea: a lot of original thinkers in hollywood. how many ads has julian moore done? and scarlet johansn done? does president obama have real people he could put in an ad besides the article you cited earlier. that woman, picture of the
11:43 pm
woman who couldn't work out in her home gym. that is something, i can't drive my maserati. are these celebrities going to be able to eat arugula? >> dana: under obamacare they get free prozac. >> andrea: that is good. maybe they'll leaf the country. >> bob: this is about campaign. it's targeted media. targeting it for young people and minorities and women. that is what it's about. it wasn't for the general consumption. don't worry about it. it won't feed in your living room. >> greg: that is my point, gregalog -- monologue. it's how they hit, like going trick-or-treating to the same house. you got all the candy. no more. >> andrea: but they don't have the candy. they can't get the independence or the candy, get the pill. >> eric: dana's joke is great. >> dana: someone needs to turn out the light. when you are out of candy, turn out the porch light. >> greg: you do it at 5:00 p.m.
11:44 pm
>> dana: trick-or-treating -- we talk about this in "e" block. if you are living in an apartment, let me tell you something. if you are from wyoming and colorado, you york for the candy. when you go door to door in an apartment it's not hard. >> andrea: are you calling new york city kids lazy? >> dana: little bit. >> greg: directly ahead it's halloween. you know what that means? dana picking out a costume for jasper. bob will tell us his favorite candy. she is a dancer that lives in the bronx. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] this is steve.
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♪ ♪ >> bob: happy halloween you pagans. first, let me say, who are the people that got thisly lack chocolate? >> andrea: not supposed to say that. >> bob: sorry. dade porter. >> bob: i wasn't supposed to say that. i'll talk about halloween, and what is your favorite costume? favorite candy? >> eric: it was supposed to be your favorite candy and our
11:49 pm
favorite story. >> bob: chocolate is my favorite. >> eric: listen, my son is 14 now. he doesn't trick-or-treat anymore. which is sad. i loved it when he was a little guy dressed up in costume. take him every halloween. my favorite video are the ones that they sit on the thing like a scare crow and you don't know they're human, they jump out and get smacked. i love those videos. that's all i got. >> dana: halloween has come really long way. because remember the plastic masks that you would put on and they have two holes in the nose so you could breathe? in colorado, thanks to global warming it doesn't happen as much anymore. >> bob: correct. >> dana: there would always be a blizzard. i had a wonder woman costume and big bird, but the plastic one from drugstore. but i had to wear a coat on top of it and ruined the whole thing. i don't dress up at all now. >> greg: i'm thinking of her in wonder woman costume with a
11:50 pm
coat over it. >> dana: white with burgundy stripes and ugliest coach. ruin s.t.d. whole effect. my mom is watching. >> greg: i can trick-or-treat. if i neem a costume they think i'm a kid. i love halloween. i make homemade, my favorite homemade halloween oatmeal. the kids love it when i scoop it in their sack. happy halloween and scoop it in. throw it in there. they're so happy. i worry about the trick-or-treaters who don't have i.d. i think you to be a certain age. it's true. if your hormones have kicked in no, more trick-or-treating. >> andrea: my favorite are the babies, when you see the little babies dressed up. in new york, they push them around in a stroller. really cute. i love dressing up. i was pocahontas in college. that was really fun. my favorite costume as a child, i was a crayola box. my mom made it and my head sticking out was a crayon.
11:51 pm
last year, a bunch of girls went as the an am girls -- pan am girls. >> bob: picture of that. >> andrea: my favorite -- there it is. there we are. and my favorite candy is a mini snickers. >> bob: did you dress up as a nurse? >> andrea: for halloween? no. >> bob: just curious. i hate halloween. it's pagan halloween. this started with the celts, 100 years ago. what they were doing is they said the people, coming out of the graves and they go after the living people. all the things and they had the costumes to scare them away. pagan ritual and shouldn't happen. too many people get hurt on halloween. >> dana: commercial enterprise. sometimes starting in august, you will see the retailers put up the halloween stuff. it's working for them because the natural retail federation said 170 million americans plan to celebrate halloween.
11:52 pm
it will reach $8 billion in sales. >> bob: capitalist thing now. big deal. >> eric: the halloween parties, they are the best parties. >> dana: oh. >> bob: i was told to stop playing with the -- >> dana: bob -- >> andrea: you have eat an pound of candy. >> bob: chocolate is my favorite thing. 365. what did you dress up as? c'mon. c'mon, man. i never got dressed up. never. i don't believe -- >> eric: i got dressed up at you. remember? >> dana: that's right. >> bob: right. this year -- never mind. one more thing on this hallow's eve? is it tonight? hope you celebrate. don't go to my house. one more thing is up next. ♪ ♪
11:53 pm
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11:57 pm
it has been, it's been very good. it's been very good working with the president. and his administration have been coordinating with us great. it's been wonderful. >> bob: thank you, governor christie. >> andrea: now you like him? >> bob: i like what he said about obama. take that. go ahead. who's up? >> greg: i'm up. >> eric: i'll talk, earlier i said david axelrod the campaign is in shambles, he offered to shave his mustache if he lost. even worse, look at the ad put out by and good friend michael moore. a clip of it. it's disgusting. watch. >> i was born in 1915 during world war i. my first vote was in 1940 for franklin d. roosevelt. and i want the republican party to know if your voter suppression throughout this beautiful country enables romney to oust barack obama, we will burn this [bleep] down.
11:58 pm
>> eric: unbelievable. >> dana: it gets worse. >> eric: that is bottom of the barrel. >> bob: it's not obama ad. it's michael moore ad. >> eric: pro-obama. are you kidding me? >> greg: she was only 35, too. "red eye" tonight. we have it tonight and a great line-up. we have ann coulter. what? i'm pitching a fox news show that hasn't been on for two nights, bob. so people know. >> bob: i thought i watched it. >> greg: ann coulter and mcginni s. >> dana: you didn't invite me. >> eric: or me. >> greg: what? >> bob: but ann coulter will be there. >> eric: are you invited? no? >> greg: what do you mean? >> i'll bring the candy. >> eric: his other friends. >> dana: this is something i thought i would bring to greg's attention. bbc news reported this morning there is a wine shortage that could follow poor grape harvest this year. overall protucks expected to fall to just under 250 million
11:59 pm
hector liters. who says america is in decline? america output for wine expected to rise by 7%. so there is a hope. >> greg: thank you for that. >> andrea: okay. so i have an announcement. this month, i am in "playboy" magazine. yes, now that i have your attention it's for an article on politics in television. guarding this with my life. you're not getting it. >> bob: i want to look at the article. >> andrea: it gets interesting. it talks about the history of politics and television and my old boss pat buchanan is in it. and marooney did the article. fantastic. if you get caught with it, you say i am reading for the articles. >> bob: is your picture in there? >> andrea: no. just an article. >> eric: do not give it to be beckel. >> bob: why? wow you would don't anything with it? >> andrea: okay. >> greg: make it back to your tree fort. >> bob: yes, i would. >> andrea: your office is


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